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The Clean Beauty+ gift set is guaranteed to thrill beauty experts. A luxurious assortment of our most covetable beauty products that ticks all of the clean beauty boxes: sustainable, locally made, and natural ingredients. Complete with chic minimal packaging, this gift set indulges the senses while detoxifying bathroom shelves. 

What’s inside:

-Kismet Himalayan Salt Soak. Transform your bath into an oasis with ylang-ylang and rose-infused Himalayan salts. This soothing salt soak is made from 100% natural ingredients. 370 g. 

-Two Woodlot Nourishing Soap Bars. A nourishing blend of olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil, with coconut and shea butters that come together to make a rich lather, lush moisture, and pure cleansing. 4 oz each. 🍁

-Oriwest Bamboo Toothbrush. Made from organic Moso bamboo, aged for five years, with soft nylon bristles. 

-Oriwest Rose Facial Mist. A hydrating facial mist infused with all of the skincare benefits of rose water and aloe. This gentle mist moisturizes the skin, while balancing pH and minimizing pores, leaving behind a subtle hint of rose. 60 ml. 🍁

-The Bath Bomb Co. Mondo Bath Bomb. Get ready for the perfect bathtime! Be invigorated by the extreme fizziness of this natural bath bomb, made with moisturizing oils for soft skin. 150 g.🍁

-Skeem Design Palo Santo Oil Roller. The rich fragrance of Palo Santo is made from tree resin, blended with coconut and vegetable oils for a long-lasting scent that will accompany you all day long. The complex scent has musky, sweet, and citrus notes mixed with mint and pine. 7.5 ml.

-Merben 9’ Body Brush. Prepare for the softest skin of your life! Dry brushing in a circular motion before showering allows for a deeper clean, brushing off dead skin cells and stimulating the lymphatic system. Made sustainably from timber castoffs and natural soft jute. 

-The Unscented Company Plant-Based Lotion. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients this light, dry-touch moisturizing lotion quickly penetrates your skin.  As per the Unscented Company’s mission, this perfectly simple lotion is fragrance, dye and paraben free. 250 ml. 🍁

-Routine Moon Sisters Natural Cream Deodorant. Get ready to ditch drugstore deodorant for good with this incredible natural solution from Routine, a cult favourite among clean beauty enthusiasts. Its key ingredients charcoal, magnesium and prebiotics will keep you feeling fresh and confident. The subtle scent has notes of lavender, neroli, and peppermint. 58 g. 🍁

Scents and colours are subject to change, based on availability.

🍁 Made in Canada