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The Clean Beauty gift set is perfect for the beauty enthusiast in your life. This stunning assortment contains all of the basics needed to start a clean beauty routine that is both natural and sustainable. Your giftee will love the invigorating scents and minimal packaging all while detoxifying their beauty regime.

What’s inside:

-Kismet Himalayan Salt Soak. Transform your bath into an oasis with ylang-ylang and rose-infused Himalayan salts. This soothing salt soak is made from 100% natural ingredients. 370 g. 

-Two Woodlot Nourishing Soap Bars. A nourishing blend of olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil, with coconut and shea butters that come together to make a rich lather, lush moisture, and pure cleansing. 4 oz each. 🍁

-Oriwest Bamboo Toothbrush. Made from organic Moso bamboo, aged for five years, with soft nylon bristles.

-Oriwest Rose Facial Mist. A hydrating facial mist infused with all of the skincare benefits of rose water and aloe. This gentle mist moisturizes the skin, while balancing pH and minimizing pores, leaving behind a subtle hint of rose. 60 ml. 🍁

Scents and colours are subject to change, based on availability.

🍁 Made in Canada